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We believe that every business can contribute to the betterment of society, so we’re leading the way through our unique events and partnerships.

Upcoming Programs & Events

10 - 20 Feb '20 | Silicon Valley, USA

15 Feb' 20 | Silicon Valley, USA

Jan - June '20 | South Asia

To be announced | Pakistan

Previous Programs

25 Sep '19 | Oslo, Norway

5 - 15 June '19 | London

8 - 15 Apr '19 | Barcelona

10 - 20 Feb '19 | Silicon Valley

11 - 18 Nov '18 | Barcelona

12 - 18 Feb '18 | Silicon Valley

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Eiza Naveed

Outreach WorkerMinerva Schools

"This was my first ever exposure to the complex but fascinating world of the startup culture, and it was a humbling experience to partake in it alongside the extremely talented individuals from Pakistan. The group itself had a wonderful vibe and everyone was open minded to learn new ways to solve old problems."

Ali Wasim Abbas


"I got so much out of it both personally and commercially... Every committed entrepreneur who wants to scale their business or wishes to build an business at some point in their life should go on this trip. A week with Arzish and his team will be one of the best investments of your time ever. You will have wished you had done it sooner.”


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