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Ejad Labs is the leading platform promoting Pakistan’s Technology Ecosystem









Ejad Labs is on a mission to redefine the role of business in South Asia.

We host a series of local & international summits, deliver unique development programs in South Asia,

Based around the globe, the Ejad Labs team is part of a global movement of companies that hold themselves accountable to rigorous standards of social and environmental performance and transparency


We organize Future Fest annually in Pakistan, hosting over 410,000 attendees in three editions, including 300+ foreign guests and 1,000+ local speakers. Supported by leading companies like Binance, Epic, KuCoin, Google Developers, Payoneer, Careem, Swvl, S&P, and more, the event has also garnered backing from 1,000+ partners and sponsors, reaching over 10 million people across digital channels.

Our Highlights

Featured Events

Future Fest

Future Fest is Pakistan's largest annual tech event, attracting over 410,000 attendees in three editions. It features 300+ foreign guests and 1,000+ local speakers, with support from major companies like Binance, Google Developers, and Payoneer. The event is backed by 1,000+ partners and sponsors, reaching over 10 million people online.

Pakistan Tech Summits

We organize a global series of conferences to celebrate Pakistani startups, innovators and inventors working on disruptive technologies around the globe. The previous events have brought together 500+ entrepreneurs, technology experts and investors from all walks of life in Silicon Valley, USA and Oslo, Norway.

We worked with the world’s biggest brands and the most innovative companies.


The support and guidance I received from Ejad Labs have been instrumental in shaping my entrepreneurial path. The environment is conducive to learning and growth, and the team’s dedication is evident in every aspect of the program. Ejad Labs is a valuable resource for any entrepreneur
Faseh Mehta
Global Partnership Director , EPIC GAMES
This was my first ever exposure to the complex but fascinating world of the startup culture, and it was a humbling experience to partake in it alongside the extremely talented individuals from Pakistan. The group itself had a wonderful vibe and everyone was open-minded to learn new ways to solve old problems.
Eiza Naveed
Minerva Schools
Ejad Labs provides an excellent platform for entrepreneurs to learn, grow, and connect. The hands-on experience and the access to industry leaders are unparalleled. I am grateful for the opportunity to be a part of such a dynamic community.
Roshaan Shiakh
Founder , Stippple
Ejad Labs is a hub of innovation and entrepreneurship. The program offers a wealth of knowledge and resources that have been critical in my entrepreneurial journey. I highly recommend Ejad Labs to anyone serious about making an impact in the startup world.
Hassan Sarwar
Chief Panda, EPIC JAM
Ejad Labs has created an ecosystem that is vital for the growth of entrepreneurship in Pakistan. The opportunities for learning and collaboration are immense. I commend Arzish and his team for their relentless efforts in nurturing talent and fostering innovation
Rehan Allahwala
CEO, Rehan Schools
Ejad Labs provided a unique environment where creativity and innovation thrive. The hands-on approach and the opportunity to connect with industry experts have been instrumental in my entrepreneurial journey. I am grateful for the experience and highly recommend Ejad Labs to fellow entrepreneurs.
Huma Hamid
Co Founder, PWiC
The journey with Ejad Labs has been transformative. The program’s emphasis on practical skills and real-world applications, coupled with a supportive community, has greatly enhanced my entrepreneurial capabilities. Ejad Labs is an essential resource for entrepreneur
Ahmad Vaseer
CEO, Ingineous Concepts
"My time with Ejad Labs was nothing short of inspiring. The program opened my eyes to the vast potential within the startup ecosystem. The knowledge and connections I gained have been crucial in advancing my business. Ejad Labs is a must for anyone serious about entrepreneurship
Noman Azhar
CEO, Zindagi